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NSE 4 (FortiOS 5.6)

I booked NSE4 5.6 exam, I only have practical exp with 5.2,5.4 and lil 5.6 (not counting own VMs, i have built)   Do you by any chance know site or link? where i can see changes made from 5.4 - > 5.6.   I am studying 5.4 material and doing 5.6 so kinda scared. Especially exam so expensive.    Live in nz, so I had to pay taxes on exam. exam was 400 usd + 60 usd taxes.


Any help/ideas would be helpful please. 


Kind Regards, 


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If you haven't read it already, "What's New in FortiOS 5.6" covers the basics of the new features:


A few details, off  the top of my head:


Being able to use Internet Service Database objects in security policies is really useful.  Saves a ton of work.


NGFW Policy Mode is a big change, though I don't know that many are using it.


The Security Fabric Audit is new, but really not very helpful (and with my systems will catch something on one FortiGate but then miss that same detail on another FortiGate).


New VXLAN support looked good.  Haven't tried it out yet.  That's on my list for a lab setup.

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Thanks for your reply and advice, will keep in mind for sure.


1 more question ? people saying its 70% to pass 5.6 but when i did sample exam first time i got 60% and it said pass.


Any ideas? I cant seem to find marking pass for 5.6 online either?


Thanks :)







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It's a 60% pass mark for 5.6 and 6.0 versions.

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