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Implement FortiAuthenticator SAML 2.0 Laravel PHP 8.0



I'm developer. I need his help how to implement FortiAuthenticator SAML 2.0 with Laravel PHP. I tried, but nothing.

  • How to redirect the url home page website after logged and get username logged.[/ul]

    I don't know. I searched everyone. Nothing.

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    Sorry but it's completely unclear to me what is the role of FortiAuthenticator (FAC in short) in here.

    First, is FAC being used as IdP OR SP ?

    Tom xSilver, planet Earth, over and out!


    Hi, Tom xSilver.


    This is Saml 2.0 IdP.


    OK, so FortiAuthenticator (FAC in short) is supposed to be IdP (Identity Provider).

    Then FAC / Authentication / SAML IdP / General defines address where FAC will listen and against which realms it will authenticate users coming directly or through/from configured SP (Service Providers).

    Those are defined in .. SAML IdP / Service providers section.

    Defining SP will gives you URLs and for cross-config on your actual SP point. And later to import SPs' metadata back to FAC.


    More on config and workflow :

    More on various SAML configurations:


    In case you would need to modify messages showed by FAC, there are Replacement Messages directly in SAML IdP section



    Note that SAML section in FAC ? Authentication / Remote Auth. Servers  is for FAC as SP, not IdP.


    Tom xSilver, planet Earth, over and out!