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IOT client unable to connect to Internet



I recently installed my newly obtained Fortigate 61E, and updated to 7.0.3. I setup an IOT VLAN for my IOT devices. All of the devices can connect to the internet just fine, except for one exact device. After rebooting the device, that device will connect to the internet for a little while, then appears to lose connection. The entire time, the device can be pinged on the LAN with it's DHCP reservation. Looking for any recommendations, as I'm a bit new to this. 


Thanks in advance!

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Hi, I'm a new too. I had thought this was more of a logging issue, since logs showed "detected-only", but then I noticed that the action was "content-disarmed" so I looked in the CLI. Trying to turn content disarm "On" in the GUI gives me the error "Value conflicts with system settings.". So I can't use the GUI to turn this on and off.





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