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Hostname in forticloud reports


I'm running a #FG30E with OS 6.2.9 and export my data to Fortigate cloud. I use a lot theWebsites per source report. Now the source is represented by its IP address, but since this assigned via DHCP it can change over time. Can't I generate this report with hostname or devicename as source description iso IP address ? I looked in the reports templates, but there I can't find the fields I need.

Any suggestions ?

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Hello BartC, 


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  Fortinet Community Team 


Hi BartC,

I understand that you would like to generate the report based on machine hostname instead of IP address as it changes over time since its DHCP allocation.

In order to accomplish the respective, you will need the following configured:
1. Enable Device Detection on the interface to which your machine is connecting to. For eg: internal LAN, DMZ and etc. (ref:
2. Configure primary DNS to your internal DNS (ref:
3. Configure the following in FortiGate CLI:
config log setting
set resolve-ip enable
4. Enable traffic logging on the policy where you would like to capture information on. Go to Policy & Objects > IPv4 Policy. Edit the policies controlling the traffic you wish to log. Under Logging Options, select All Sessions.


Alteration of reports in FortiCloud would require a paid subscription license. Once you have the license, you can edit the report to include the source name in the summary report.

Kayzie Cheng