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Fortigate-60D and Pakedge WAP-W3G

Hello everyone!

This is a newbie question.

I have Fortigate-60D and Pakedge WAP-W3G access point.

I figured out how to connect Fortigate-60D to the internet but cannot find any information how to connect Pakedge WAP-W3G access point to it to get working Wi-Fi.

Could you please provide me some links or information how to configure step-by-step Fortigate-60D to see WAP-W3G?

I see plenty of these used cheap devices on ebay but cannot find any information how to configure them working together.

Current firmware version v5.2.2


Thank you.


New Contributor

Boneyard, thank you for your help and suggestions.

It is working now but I am still trying to figure out the original configuration.

Somewhat AP was originally on another subnet, and, probably, VLAN on Fortigate-60D. Cannot understand why we need a separate VLAN. I remember I've read somewhere that AP should be on VLAN, but that was, probably, about the supported devices and Fortigate-60D wireless controller configuration.

We kind of sorted out that no need to configure a wireless controller in this case.

Ok. Then I see that AP originally was configured with VLAN 6. Is it about 192.168.6.X or just coincidence? What VLAN number means, is it just a number?

When I change the original AP static to obtain from DHCP and enabled Wi-Fi on VLAN 1 it started working but the original Wi-Fi on VLAN 6 did not work not providing IP. Do not understand it. It started working when I unchecked 801.1Q Tag and encryption from AES to Auto.

Do not understand how it worked before with these old settings.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.