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Fortigate 401E Internet access isue

I have FortiGate 401E 6.2 version. And I am configured  routing properly and the users which are connected to FortiGate can access internet but the device itself has no internet access please help me? for you information we haven't NAT configuration. we are configured only access policy and routing.

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Very hard to imagine such situation when traffic via the Fortigate passes OK, but sourced from the Fortigate itself fails. By default Fortigate allows ANY traffic sourced from itself outbound.

Try to check things other than Fortigate.


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Hello Yurisk,

Thank you for your fast support. We have another device between 401E FortiGate and Internet Service provider. Huawei AR router. And We haven't access  and NAT working on this device.

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The difference is the source IPs. Perhaps the NAT device has config to NAT those user device subnets but the interface IP on the FGT.

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@Toshi: "not"


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