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Forticlient the Store on Windows 10 ARM based system error -30008000

Since a week I've end users which are using a Surface Pro X (ARM based windows 10)

The following error:


SSLVPN Error: code=-30008000(v1.0.1040).
Invalid authentication cookie. Authentication failed.


I've tried to clear the credentials. removed the client, but it doesn't work. it has been updated to the latest version.  (v1.0.1040)


With support I can't continue. It looks they don't understand about which client I'm talking about.  And I can't find some information further about this product. 


Unfortunately the normal VPN client isn't supported on an ARM based system and I can't get it working in emulation mode. Because the vpn client thinks the system isn't proper configured. 


hope someone has an idea how to solve this problem

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello DX-RTR-Group,


I have found an old forum topic:


Apparently, Fortinet  does not longer support the windows store app.


I will try to have a confirmation from our engineers.



Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.

I Found it also that some said it's not supported anymore, but then you can't explain why it still being updated or available in the store. 


Hope some engineers can explain and how they going to solve the issue for ARM based  systems.


Do you have a follow up on the ARM support by Fortinet? It's been a while, but I haven't seen any progress on availability for ARM supported devices?


Hello DX-RTR-Group,


I will ask the question to our engineers and I am sure, all of them are working on this issue.


I will come back to you once I get an answer.



Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.
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Apparently there is a request for the engineering which i received from an engineer in a different vpn case with EMS license

The told me:

Engineering team is aware about incompatibility between Forticlient and ARM processor, they are working on it.


I suggest to contact your sales channel partner / representative and raise a new feature request [Surface X Pro ARM based HW support for Forticlient]

I hope this helps for any other who is facing the same issues on a Windows ARM system.

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The same Problem here... hope Forti will do something...


Hey TheHugi, DX-RTR-Group,


I have been able to find the internal thread of our engineering team regarding FortiClient being able to run on Windows 10 ARM-based architecture.

It is being worked on, but I don't have any definite information as to when a new version would come out that should hopefully fix your issues.

At the moment, the version available is not fully compatible, from what I gather.

I will inform our developers regarding this Forum thread to let them know that we not only have a few larger customers interested, but the broader community as well.


Sorry I don't have any better news at the moment :/.




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Hello Debbie_FTNT,


A few months have passed since your official "keep waiting" about the Forticliet issue on Windows ARM. Similar problems affect VM Windows 11 running on M1 CPUs.

Reading the threads community, I note that these malfunctions began more than a year ago. Considering that after Covid remote working is no more optional, Forti's engineers are not making a good impression of having this latency on the solution. So when?


Kind regards


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We are also dissapointed that support has stopped, especially since from our point of view it looks simple to continue to support a simple ARM VPN client.