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FortiOS 6.0.10 is out!

FortiOS 6.0.10 is out!

A lot of Bug Fixes (expecially SSL VPN) and very few known issue.

Is it time to upgrade?

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But this is the right Forum ... ;) 


Lucascat wrote:
But this is the right Forum ... ;) 
He has a point!

Upgraded a test system 60E HA pair when 6.0.10 was released. No issues so far, but not much load.


Came here to see what results others are having and see the link to the discussion in the Firewall forum.  Is there a way to have that discussion moved to this (the correct) Forum?

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Installed on many 60d, 60e, 50e, 80e and 30e Withou problem.


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Installed without problems in two FG100E in HA mode. Will update thread if problems detected.


Update (20200818): No problems so far and seems that before the upgrade (from 6.0.7) we were also "suffering" the RDP disconnection bug, because now no more disconnects (I though the bug was refering to port forwarding or similar RDP connections, not through SSL-VPN). [strike]Also seems to be solved a problem with[/strike] Update (20200828): Still continues the problem with unwanted CDR messages.[strike] [/strike]


José Ignacio Martín Jiménez

We have upgraded 14 sites from 6.0.9 to 6.0.10 with no issues.  The sites are a mix of 60D, 60E, 100D and 100E.  One of the 100E sites is a HA cluster.


Before the upgrade we experienced the RDP over SSL VPN freeze/disconnect bug.  After the upgrade this issue was resolved, but we still saw some disconnects in other applications over SSL VPN.  We think the remaining issues are due to old FortiClient versions, like 5.6.x.  Upgrading to FortiClient 6.0.9 seems to resolve the problem.

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we are using 6.0.10 since two week now and e face the below weird issues

the webfilter profile applied in one policy is effecting other policy that are not having the same webfilter

also application filter is effecting policy while its not applied to it , and while we are working with security profile

the CPU spike to 97 percent then drop o 1 percent most of the time that what we found up to now with this version

exception for anydesk from wefilter was working fine and suddenly stop working the weird thing is we change nothing, and suddenly it work for some time and aging stop working

we open support case with fortigate to check, will update this post when we get respond