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FortiGate Managed FortiSwitch in HA Mode



Have an clarification regarding the physical and logical connectivity about FortiGate managed fortiswitch.


I have an FortiGate with HA and FortiSwitch in HA, Need to achieve the below things


1. FortiSwitch should be managed by FortiGate itself.

2. We need to terminate multiple WAN links (Internet & P2P) in FortiSwitch

3. WAN traffic should pass through the via FortiLink.


How we can connect the physical connectivity between FGT Vs FSW ? it should be full fail-over model


Hope I need to configure the trunk link between devices and will configure multiple VLAN for each WAN links. Attached reference image


If anyone implemented this scenarios please share your challenges and inputs as well.



Sivaguru D

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Network diagram is missing.


In general, you handle the FortiLink port like any other clustered port. That is, you need to connect both FL ports (fw1, fw2) to your switch. Only one of them will be active at any time (in a-p mode).


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