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FortiGate 100E with Security Policies and Microsoft Store

I've recently been testing the security policies and I've found I can no longer download any App from the Microsoft Store. I've set an override in the app control profile to allow Microsoft Store. I'm using the default AV, Web filter, and DNS profiles and for the SSL inspection, I was using a custom deep-inspection to exempt all MS Store address but even changing it to certificate-inspection it is not allowing the app to download either. Of course the Microsoft error from the MS Store is of little to no use, "We have an error on our side". If I remove the security profiles then there isn't an issue with downloading from the MS Store.


Has anyone on here experienced this issue and been able to identify a work around to fix the store? 


Please check the forward traffic logs and see which UTM profile is blocking it.

You can try to use the security profiles one at a time to find which specific profile is blocking it.

For ex: Use Web-Filter and disable reset and try to access the website.

Enable Application filter and disable other and try to access it.