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FortiClient EMS - Allow internet only when connected to VPN

Hello Everyone,


How do you configure FortiClient EMS to enforce endpoints to allow/access internet only when they are connected to the SSL-VPN ? 


The users should not be able to use internet if they are disconnected from the VPN (as a company policy). 


"My query is not about Split-tunneling"


Thank you.


Step 1: Make EMS to where it's reachable from the public Internet using the same name as it has on the internal network (ie:

Step 2: Setup an on-net and an off-net profile on EMS. The on-net profiles allows traffic to come back through the tunnel and the web filter sand app firewall are not as strict. The off-net profile (the one the get when at home) has everything blocked in web filter and app firewall.


EMS will determine off-net and on-net by the machines current IP address so you will have a little to do there but not bad