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Does the free forticlient vpn version support ftm-push?

I'm trying to debug ftm-push on a 61F. We're currently using the free version of the vpn client, with MFA using fortitoken mobile. Currently everyone is manually entering in the rolling code, and I'd rather use push notifications. We're not using fortiAuthenticator.


Here are the details:

61F has wan public IP, no nat between the wan interface and the internet.

ftm-push is set up with a server name, certificate, a random port number, and is enabled.

There is an admin account that is not using trusted hosts.


Sniffer shows traffic to the push proxy when the vpn client authenticates and requests the token. However, no push notifications are received on the phone. The test phone is IOS and notifications are enabled for the fortitoken app.


I haven't found anything that specifically states that the free version of the forticlient doesn't support ftm-push, or that some other infrastructure is required to implement it other than the firewall.


Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.




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Community Manager

Hello sjvarley,


Thank you for using the Community Forum.

I will seek to get you an answer or help. We will reply to this thread with an update as soon as possible.



Anthony-Fortinet Community Team.


Thank you for using the Community Forum.


I am sending you 1 KB that I believe can gives you answers on some of your questions regarding the support features using free FortiClient version.


According to your details about ftm-push setup, I would say they are are correct.


Now, what we would need to know, which VPN type you are using: SSLVPN or IPsec and which exact firmware version your FortiGate and FortiClient are using?


Also, have you maybe tested ftm-push using Android phone? 

It would be nice to test if you didn't try already and provide us what results you get.







Milos Atanaskovic