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DNS server not updating

In our office network, we make use of fortinet FSSO to control Internet access per individual user.

After we login, our AD username and IP address will be logged by our firewall before we are able to access Internet.

We noticed that some times when user go to different office, their IP address will change. 

eg. from office 1,  PC01, change to office 2, PC01, If the AD DNS record does not update the hostname to the new office address PC01,, the user will have issues accessing Internet as the firewall log will only show instead of ipaddress.JPGusername( 

the quick n fast way for us to solve this is do a ipconfig /renew or restart the PC, so that user will get the new IP address.

Is there any way to resolve this issue ? 


"Standard FSSO" relies on DNS records being correct. If they're wrong/old, then FSSO will also have wrong/old information. There is simply no way to circumvent this if you're doing polling through event log/DC Agent.


If you have a FortiAuthenticator, consider using the FSSO Mobility Agent (feature of FortiClient). This does not depend on client DNS records.

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