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Client list

Hello, does anyone know how to pull a report of clients? Its Clients By FortiAP that I need to be able to export into Excel if it's possible?

Dashboard>WiFi>Clients By FortiAP this shows a figure with the number of clients.

When you click on it to expand it, it shows a nice table of all the clients connected, it's this list I want to export into Excel.

Thanking everyone in advance.


I don't think you can export directly to Excel format. However, if the Fortiview table is not sufficient to you, you can always get the raw data from Fortigate CLI or API and process it as you please.


Fortigate CLI command:


diagnose wireless-controller wlac -c sta



Fortigate API:





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@bpozdena_FTNT Thanks for your help, it's a real pity that you can't export such tables to excel. Maybe this can be requested in a future update?