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Bridging WLAN interface & wired interface in wireless client mode.



I'm trying to work out a way of bridging a wireless interface on a Fortinet 60D in client mode with a cabled interface to provide for a number of wired interfaces where I only have access to a wireless uplink.


The scenario is as follows:

Outside interfaces (Wireless client interface & 1 x wired interface must be on same LAN segment)

Inside interface (NAT for gateway of LAB network)

Various other interfaces for VPN gateways in LAB as sudo DC VPN ingress etc.


Is this possible and it is for a LAB environment.






Hi Westie,


I think so. You will need a hardware or software switch on FGT, or just actually add a real switch behind your interface if you get limited on interface numbers. Then create the SSID, bridged, after your AP is discovered.

The point is to have the switch component so you can have both AP and LAN in the same subnet. There is one other possibility of using "overlapping subnets" between interfaces, but I would avoid it for the sake of troubleshooting a year later.


Best regards,