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Additional public IP addresses

Hi, I have internet access via PPPoE. So far, I had 1 public IP address. Now I have purchased additional public IP addresses.
I would like to redirect these additional public IP addresses to specific machines on the internal network. What is the best way to do this configuration?

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If it's a subnet like x.x.x.0/29, a common way is to set a new interface, physical or VLAN, etc., with x.x.x.1 on the FGT, then set those devices with one of x.x.x.2-6 and connect them to the interface via a switch, so that those internet exposed devices are separated from other internal devices.





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If you don't intend to separate accessible from the Internet hosts into a different network, then doing the regular VIPs (Virtual IPs) will do the job, and is the most simple to implement. 

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