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API - no master key (name) in new object

I was trying to use the api to create an ipv6 address and I get these errors on 7.0.1.



[httpsd 12058 - 1639445206 error] cmdb_commit_from_json[1615] -- no master key (name) in new object
[httpsd 12058 - 1639445206 error] _api_cmdb_v2_config[1272] -- error editing object (nret=-3)



There's no information about this anywhere. Only found one post on github that says change API account to super_admin, which I did.


Has anybody know how to fix this?


My code if anybody is wondering.



url4 = ""
payload4 = {
            'params': {
                'datasource': 1,
                'vdom': 'root'
            'data': {
                'name': 'us-db-poe-3-copy',
                'type': 'mac',
                'macaddr': [{'macaddr': 'cc:4e:24:25:1d:c0'}]
r =, data=json.dumps(payload4), headers=headers, verify=False)
pprint (r.json())
>>> pprint (r.json())
{'build': 157,
 'error': -3,
 'http_method': 'POST',
 'http_status': 500,
 'name': 'address',
 'path': 'firewall',
 'revision': 'bcf63efcd8b5e414a44266c3bf0f237a',
 'revision_changed': False,
 'serial': 'xx',
 'status': 'error',
 'vdom': 'root',




You only need to send the portion from 'data' key. Use the bellow variable instead:


payload4 = {
            'name': 'us-db-poe-3-copy',
            'type': 'mac',
            'macaddr': [{'macaddr': 'cc:4e:24:25:1d:c0'}]