A FortiWeb can be configured to join a Security Fabric through the root or downstream FortiGate.


This article explains how to download and enable Data Analytics Dashboard for the FortiWeb.


FortiWeb v4.00


The FortiWeb Data Analytics file is available from the Fortinet Customer Services and Support web portal at

To download the file log on to the web portal and select the 'Firmware Images' option in the 'Download' section.  This option will only be displayed if a current support contract is linked to the FortiWeb unit.

From the 'Firmware Images' page select FortiWeb > v4.00 > v4.3 > v4.3.0 and download the file 'Data_Analytics.dat'.

The file can now be uploaded by using the web based manager (GUI) by using System > Maintenance > Backup & Restore > Data Analytics.  Select the file that had been downloaded from the web portal and then upload.

The administrators account access profile must have read and write permissions to items in the Log & Report category granted in order to be able to use this function within the GUI. 

It should be noted that the data analytics feature can be resource intensive.  In order to avoid impacting performance it is recommended to view the data analytics report in off-peak hours.