Description This article describes the scenario when the Fortivoice license is not registering with FortiGuard: 'Failed SSL Connect'.
Scope Fortivoice 6.0.x.

In some scenarios, Fortivoice does not update the license against FortiGuard.


Imagen1 -fortivioice.PNG


- Debug updated 7 shows 'Failed SSL connect'.


fortivoice2 # execute update now

#diagnose debug application updated 7

10.04-11:15:16 upd_daemon.c:upd_daemon[1378]-Received update now request

10.04-11:15:16 upd_daemon.c:do_setup[307]-Starting SETUP

10.04-11:15:16 upd_act.c:upd_act_setup_with_action[204]-Trying FDS


fortivoice2 # 10.04-11:15:16 upd_comm.c:ssl_connect_fds[389]-Failed SSL connecting (5,0,Success)

10.04-11:15:16 upd_comm.c:upd_comm_connect_fds[467]-Failed SSL connect

10.04-11:15:16 upd_act.c:upd_act_setup_with_action[208]-Failed connecting to

10.04-11:15:16 upd_daemon.c:do_setup[351]-Failed setup

10.04-11:15:16 upd_daemon.c:upd_daemon[1634]-Disabling remaining actions 13

10.04-11:15:16 upd_daemon.c:upd_daemon[1648]-status=update msg="Fortigate update failed for no fds allowed."


- To troubleshoot it, take a packet capture in the Fortivoice.


Imagen2 -fortivioice-sslv3.PNG


The Fortivoice is trying SSLv3 but is not supported by FortiGuard.


To fix the issue, adjust the SSL versions in the global settings of Fortivoice using CLI.


# config system global

    set ssl-versions tls1_0 tls1_1 tls1_2