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Article Id 317074
Description This article describes how to fix the issue when modules are not visible in the playbook while trying to select the module to act on.
Scope FortiSOAR.

While creating a new playbook, it is necessary to select a module on which it is necessary to operate but sometimes the module itself is not present in the list.



Check the below to narrow down the issue:


  1. Check the Role to verify the permission assigned for the module in the Roles.
    FortiSOAR Login to GUI -> Settings -> Roles.

  2. Verify the correct roles are assigned to the user.
    FortiSOAR Login to GUI -> Settings -> Users -> Assigned Roles.

  3. If there are 2 similar roles assigned to the user and one role contains CRUD (Full permission) while the other roles contain only Read permission for the same module then it may cause a problem.