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FortiSOAR: Security Orchestration and Response software provides innovative case management, automation, and orchestration. It pulls together all of an organization's tools, helps unify operations, and reduce alert fatigue, context switching, and the mean time to respond to incidents.
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The FortiSOAR™ Incident Response Content Pack (FSR-IR-CONTENT-PACK)) enables users to experience the power of FortiSOAR™ incident response. FortiSOAR™ is built using a modular architecture and the Incident Response Content Pack is the implementation of best practices to configure and use FortiSOAR™ in an optimal manner. The Incident Response Content Pack also contains a lot of sample/simulation/training data that enables you to experience FortiSOAR™ without having all the devices.


Details regarding the Incident Response Content Pack (IR Content Pack), including information on how to install, configure, use, and upgrade the IR Content Pack are present in the "Incident Response Content Pack" article in FUSE Community, which is the Fortinet User Community. You will require to log FUSE Community to get access to the article.