FortiRecon is a digital risk protection (DRP) service that allows customers to gain visibility of their digital attack surface, receive targeted threat intelligence, and reduce organisational risk.
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FortiRecon provides outside-in coverage for risks toward customers. 

Adversary Centric Intelligence (ACI): leverages FortiGuard Threat Analysis to provide comprehensive coverage of dark web, open-source, and technical threat intelligence, including malware, ransomware, and threat actor insights to enable organizations to respond proactively assess risks, respond faster to incidents, better understand their attackers, and guard assets.



Emotet Malware 


Emotet is a Trojan that is primarily spread through spam emails (malspam). The infection may arrive either via a malicious script, macro-enabled document files, or malicious links. Emotet emails may contain familiar branding designed to look like legitimate emails. Emotet was originally designed as a banking malware that attempted to sneak onto computers and steal sensitive and private information. Later versions of the malware saw the addition of spamming and malware delivery services—including other banking Trojans.

Additional Information

·      Widespread, No particular sector or geographical targeting.

·      Emotet is used in ransomware attacks,

o   Quantum

o   Eking

o   Conti

o   Ryuk

ACI Reporting Coverage 

43 Reports (TECHINT, Media, OSINT)