FortiProxy provides enterprise-class protection against internet-borne threats and Advanced Web Content Caching
Description This article describes how to View the ICAP response in version FortiProxy 2.0

The following debug must be enabled to view the ICAP server response in the Fortiproxy 2.0.


To enable WAD's ICAP + HTTP debug:

# diag wad debug enable category icap
# diag wad debug enable category http
# diag debug console no-user-log-msg enable
# diag debug enable


ICAP server responses 403 Forbidden block page for eicar test file.

On FPX ICAP client, find following debug:


[I]wad_http_icap_notify :937 icap=0x7ff4a1f8e538 len=5258 request=0 clt_strm=0x7ff4a1fcc030
[V]wad_http_status_line_reader_parse :753 status line code=403 ver_len=8 len=24 invalid=0
[V]wad_http_hdr_reader_parse :1143 header line len=19 name_len=10 val_len=5 is_piggy=0 invalid=0