FortiNAC is a s a zero-trust network access solution that provides users with enhanced visibility into the Internet of Things (IoT) devices on their enterprise networks.
Description This Article describes how you can restore FortiNAC Database via CLI in case the Database was corrupted.
Scope How to restore FortiNAC Database via CLI in version 8.8 and above.

Restore FortiNAC Database from CLI:

Typical Scenarios:


- The disk fails on a RAID-less appliance.

- The appliance has been reset to factory defaults, and you want to restore the pre-reset remote backup of the database.

- The FortiNAC hardware is upgraded and it is expected to restore the most recent remote backup from the previous FortiNAC appliance.




1) Copy (e.g., use winscp) the most recent backup from the remote server to the /bsc/campusMgr/master_loader/mysql/backup directory on the FortiNAC Control Server. Or it is possible to revert back to an automatic backup created automatically by ForiNAC in the backup folder.


2) Log into the CLI on the Control Server with root privileges.


 3) Stop the the FortiNAC processes:


> shutdownCampusMgr


4) Navigate to the /bsc/campusMgr/master_loader/mysql/backup directory and identify the filename of the backup to be used.




5) Navigate to the /bsc/campusMgr/master_loader/mysql directory and restore the database:

> ydb_restore_full_backup <database_name>


> ydb_restore_full_backup FortiNAC_DataBase_BackUp_2021_12_13_00_01_07_fnac88-std1.gz


6) Start the FortiNAC processes:

> startupCampusMgr


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