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Article Id 206431
Description This article provides general information regarding metric volume and performance related to the OnSight Collector.
Scope FortiMonitor, OnSight Collector, Network Devices

The OnSight collector (when configured) performs SNMP checks against local network devices on the internal network.  These checks are able to provide a wide variety of data, depending on the network device and manufacturer.  The data may be port specific or related to other diagnostic information about the network device itself.


FortiMonitor Support estimates about 10 SNMP metrics per individual port on the network device.  This varies by device and what the user chooses to monitor but is helpful for estimating the number of OnSight Collectors required by the user.


Recommended specifications for the OnSight Collector VM are 4CPU, 8GB of memory.  This will comfortably handle around 150,000 individual SNMP metrics.  For users requiring additional checks, it is advisable to add additional OnSight Collectors - these can also be run in High-Availability pairs (recommended), which handle internal load balancing and redundancy.


These estimates are specifically intended for network devices using SNMP checks from the OnSight Collector.  Both Synthetic checks and VMWare integrations also rely on the OnSight Collector for their checks, which are more varied in terms of required processing power and memory.


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