FortiMonitor is a holistic, SaaS-based digital experience and network performance monitoring solution which combines monitoring, network incident management, automation, and network configuration management into a single source of truth
Description This article describes the embedding FortiMonitor dashboard into a website.
Scope FortiMonitor.

FortiMonitor provides functionality where it is possible to embed the dashboard into the website.


For more information on status pages, refer to the below document:


Due to the HTTP X-Frame restrictions, it is possible to come across the following error during embedding/integration: 


- ' refused to connect'.


The main reason for getting the above error would be due to the HTTP X-Frame options which are disabled by default from the end.


To confirm that's the reason, go to the internal webpage -> Right click and inspect -> select the network tab -> reload the webpage.


For the website, the below error will appear in the headers: 'x-frame-options = DENY'.




To fix the issue, contact FortiMonitor support and it is possible to enable the X-frame options.