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This article describes that during migration configuration, it can happen that an admin account name or password might get forgotten by the administrator.

To verify whether the existing local admin account exists or to remove the password from an existing account, it is possible use the below procedure before restoring the configuration file.








Via 7-Zip application open the FortiManager configuration backup following the below path:
<path to FMG backup>\<FMG_config>.dat\<FMG_config>\var\fwclienttemp\system.conf
- Once the 'system.conf' would open in the text editor, search for the ' # config system admin user' section in order to check for existing admin account.
- To remove the password from the specific admin account rewrite the line 'set password XXXX' with 'unset password' and the password for that specific admin account would be removed after saving the change.
- Modified configuration now can be restored.