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This article describes how to manually restart and update the FDS service in FortiManager. This is useful when there is a discrepancy on the license information shown in the FortiManager managed device and the local FortiGate.

Scope FortiManager.
  1. In some circumstances, the user might see a discrepancy between the license information shown in the FortiManager managed and the local FortiGate. With the below example, the license is shown as valid in the local FortiGate. However, the license is shown as expired for the same device which is managed by FortiManager.


License information in local FortiGate:




License information in FortiManager managed:




  1. FortiManager needs to have valid connectivity (Internet access) to FortiGuard public servers to retrieve the updated license information for all managed units.
  2. User can manually perform a restart and update the FDS service via below CLI commands below.


diagnose fmupdate service-restart fds

<After 5 minutes>

diagnose fmupdate updatenow fds


  1. The user can then verify the license status for the managed device in the FortiManager again to ensure the license information is updated properly.
  2. If the issue is still present, run and capture below debug logs for TAC review:


get fmupdate publicnetwork

exec ping

exe ping

exe ping

exe ping

diagnose fmupdate dbcontract

diagnose fmupdate view-configure fds

diagnose fmupdate view-serverlist fds

diagnose fmupdate view-service-info fds

diagnose fmupdate update-status fds