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Article Id 254320

This article describes how to solve an issue where, when the FortiGate firewall is upgraded from any 6.4.x firmware to 7.0.(2-11), any interface named 'default’ is deleted.

Scope FortiOS.



# edit "default"

set vdom "root"

set ip

set allowaccess ping https ssh snmp http telnet fgfm fabric

set snmp-index 31

set switch-controller-feature default-vlan

set interface "Fortilink"

set vlanid 1



To resolve this issue, follow these steps:


1) Upgrade to 7.0.1 GA. This will ensure that, during the upgrade process, any interface named 'default' will be renamed to '_default'.

2) Upgrade to the latest or target 7.0.x GA image.


There are certain FortiGate models that do not have 7.0.1 firmware available. If this is the case, it is necessary to change the interface named 'default' manually. To change the interface name, follow these steps:


1) Backup the firewall configuration.

2) Change the interface name with a text editor and save the file.

3) Restore the configuration backup to the firewall.