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Description This article provides steps to perform troubleshooting when CMDB add entry failed error shows up.
Scope FortiGate 

Whenever the alerts related to CMDB are visible, add entry failed, it is most likely due to the wrong upgrade path followed.


It is always recommended to follow the upgrade path according to the upgrade path tool:


When user looks into the CLI by running this command:


# diag sys flash list


Two boot partitions will be visible inside the grub configuration: active and backup


It is to be observed that the primary boot partition should have the current firmware version loaded, if not, that means your image got corrupted.


Here is the solution to remedy this:


1). First, you can try killing the cmdb process, in order to do that,

 Run the command

# get sys cmdb status

Pay attention to the value on "owner id:"

Next, execute the following command:

# diag sys kill 11 <PID>

Replace <PID> with the value of "owner id:" from the previous command.


2)If still the issue is not resolved then you need to do the flash format of your firewall by using this kb link:


3) Later, you need to be ready with the TFTP server, load the firmware image on TFTP, and then to FortiGate device via TFTP server.

Please refer to the below document to perform loading of firmware on the device :



This will help you resolve the issue, if the issue still persists, please open the TAC ticket.


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