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Article Id 265050
Description This article describes the configuration of the collector agent to record UPN-based User Logins in the 'Logon Users' List.
Scope Collector Agent.

Customers may have a specific requirement for their Wi-Fi setup, where users log in using their UPN names instead of the actual domain name. In such cases, there is a need to ensure that the Collector agent records these UPN-based users.


In this testing environment, the domain name is ott.tac.lab, and UPN is configured to be The objective is to ensure that when the FSSO Collector agent receives accounting requests with UPN names, it is possible to include those users under #show logon users on collector Agent. By default, it does not log users if it receives accounting requests that come in with UPN.


See the detail steps for configuration:


  • In this lab environment, a domain named ott.tac.lab is configured, and a User Principal (UPN) named is also created.



  • To set up the Collector agent to log users with UPN, follow these steps:
  1. Select 'Select Domain to Monitor' and choose the relevant domain.
  2. Highlight the selected domain and select 'Settings'.
  3. Enter the required information as shown below:



Once this part is configured, the Collector agent will start recording accounting requests with UPN. Note that the configuration is only supported when AD access mode is in advanced mode.