FortiGate Next Generation Firewall utilizes purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services from FortiGuard labs to deliver top-rated protection and high performance, including encrypted traffic.

From FortiOS 6.2.2, there is no maximum memory limitation for each type of FortiGate-VM license on private Clouds.

This article describes this feature.

FortiGate-VM01 license is valid on a FortiGate VM with more that 2GB of memory:

FGVM01 login: admin

FGVM01 # get system status
Version: FortiGate-VM64-KVM v6.2.2,build1010,191008 (GA)
Virus-DB: 72.00345(2019-10-15 07:19)
Extended DB: 1.00000(2018-04-09 18:07)
Extreme DB: 1.00000(2018-04-09 18:07)
IPS-DB: 6.00741(2015-12-01 02:30)
IPS-ETDB: 0.00000(2001-01-01 00:00)
APP-DB: 6.00741(2015-12-01 02:30)
INDUSTRIAL-DB: 6.00741(2015-12-01 02:30)
Serial-Number: FGVM01XX11111111
IPS Malicious URL Database: 2.00439(2019-10-14 12:38)
Botnet DB: 1.00000(2012-05-28 22:51)
License Status: Valid
License Expires: 2020-10-12
VM Resources: 1 CPU/1 allowed, 3967 MB RAM
Log hard disk: Available
Hostname: FGVM01TM19-----9
Operation Mode: NAT
Current virtual domain: root
Max number of virtual domains: 10
Virtual domains status: 1 in NAT mode, 0 in TP mode
Virtual domain configuration: disable
FIPS-CC mode: disable
Current HA mode: standalone
Branch point: 1010
Release Version Information: GA
FortiOS x86-64: Yes
System time: Tue Oct 15 09:58:31 2029