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Article Id 223797
Description This article describes about the Bell Fibre configuration directly on the FortiGate
Scope FortiOS

Step 1 - Connect the Bell transceiver or compatible transceiver that works with Bell directly into the SFP port of the FortiGate.

In this case WAN1 on a FortiGate 81F.




Step 2 - Configure VLAN35 as a sub-interface off of WAN1 or the interface the transceiver is connected to.

In this example, it can be seen that a VLAN interface titled Bell_DataV35 is created.

This interface was configured with VLAN35 associated with it. 

Interface View.JPG
Step3 - With the B1 number and the associated password, create a PPPOE connection on the Bell_DataV35 VLAN interface.

If configured correctly, the interface will grab an IP.



Step4 - Ensure the policies are created from internal to Bell_DataV35 interface with NAT enabled to allow outbound traffic.