Description This article describes how to configure collector to use system proxy to filter all requests from device.
Scope FortiEDR Collector

For Windows collector:


- When installing collector with the MSI setup file, check the 'Use System Proxy Settings' checkbox.




- After collector is installed, run command prompt as administrator and execute command shown below:


netsh winhttp set proxy PROXY_IP


(eg: netsh winhttp set proxy


For Mac collector:


- MacOS must be configured to use a proxy and that the proxy must support HTTPS before installing the Collector.


- Proxy configuration can be set in System Preferences - > Network - > Advanced - > Proxies


For Linux collector:


- Open terminal and execute command 'sudo /opt/FortiEDRCollector/scripts/fortiedrconfig.sh'


- After entering details such as aggregator domain name/IP address, aggregator port, organization name, collector group information and device registration password, there will be a prompt as below:


"Do you want to connect via proxy (Y/N)?" Type 'Y' if your setup includes a web proxy