This document describes how to upgrade FortiAnalyzer firmware.



Before Upgrade:

  • ·        Fortinet recommends uploading firmware to FortiAnalyzer by using a server that is in the same location as the FortiAnalyzer. This helps avoid timeouts.
  • ·        For the Collector-Analyzer architecture upgrade, Fortinet recommends upgrading the Analyzer first. Upgrading the Collector first might affect the Analyzer’s performance.
  • ·        To upgrade firmware for a cluster, Fortinet recommends upgrading the HA Slaves first, followed by the HA Master last. To avoid losing log information, wait until each FAZ upgrade has finished before proceeding to the next.
  • ·        It is important to read the release notes which are as well available from the Fortinet Customer Service & Support site (https://support.fortinet.com/) at the same location from where you downloaded the firmware image. Once downloaded, please review the special notices, upgrade information, product integration and support, resolved issue, known issues and limitations

Release notes can be also found at below location.


 To upgrade firmware:

1.            Go to System Settings > Dashboard.

2.            In the System Information widget, go to the Firmware Version field, and click the Upgrade Firmware icon.

3.            In the Firmware Upload dialog box, click Browse to locate the firmware package (.out file) that you downloaded from the Customer Service & Support portal, and click Open.

4.            Click OK.

The firmware image is uploaded. When the upgrade completes, a message confirms a successful upgrade.

It is recommended to view the console log output during upgrade. See Checking FortiAnalyzer log output.

5.            When the login window displays, log into FortiAnalyzer.

               When the upgrade completes, you might have to refresh your web browser to see the login window.

6.            If the database needs rebuilding, you can monitor the rebuild status by double-clicking the Rebuilding DB status in the toolbar.


The rebuild process includes two steps. When it’s done, you see the Rebuilding log database was completed message.

 Note:    Some features are unavailable while the SQL database is rebuilding.

7.            Review the System Settings > Event Log for any additional errors. See Checking FortiAnalyzer events.


 8.           Optionally, you can upgrade firmware stored on an FTP or TFTP server using the following CLI command:

execute restore image {ftp | tftp} <file path to server> <IP of server> <username on server> <password>